easyads Rated Services

Who do you ask when you’re looking for a Reputable, Trustworthy Tradesman or Service Provider?

easyads Rated Services was launched a few weeks ago and has been received very well by Consumers, Tradesmen and Service Providers.

How does it work?

Rated Services


The scheme is designed around Consumers rating and reviewing Tradesmen and Service Providers thus helping to build a network of Reputable, Reliable and Trustworthy professionals right here in the South Costa Blanca.

All our Tradesmen and Service Providers are fully legal and registered to work in Spain and have passed easyads due diligence. Having lived and worked in the Costa Blanca for many years we know it can sometimes be difficult to find quality Tradesmen and Service Providers. Not anymore with easyads Rated Services it’s all on one website.

All you have to do is register and POST your job for FREE sit back and wait for up to 3 proposals.

There are over 60 types of Trades and Services from Builders to Plumbers and Architects to Lawyers

When a Tradesman or Service Provider tenders for your job you can see other Consumers reviews and ratings. Consumers have total control over which proposals they want to select and can choose the Tradesman or Service Provider that’s right for their specific job.

It’s you, the general public who drive this scheme, so go in and POST your job for FREE and help other Consumers find quality Tradesmen and Services.

Tradesmen and Service Providers

Only fully legal registered Tradesmen and Service Providers can subscribe to us. It’s a great way to get cost effective lead generation where you control the work flow, so if your workload is light you can tender posted jobs, alternatively if you are busy only apply for jobs when you require more work. We have 3 payment plans to suit your needs, Platinum (Subscription only), Gold (Subscription and Commission) or Silver (Commission only).

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